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Is travel experience your headache, surely most of the consulate offices base their visa decisions on whether or not you have travel experience: and in most cases, if your documents are “not too solid,” travel experience could be used against you in a visa application.

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Especially if you claim to be a tourist and applying for a visa to countries like Canada, the U.K, and sometimes the United States of America, the consular might wonder why you want to visit these “hot top” countries as your first tourist destination.

Surely if you claim you want to see other parts of the world as a tourist, why haven’t you even seen some parts of your own continent or nearby countries? The Canadian consulate especially is particular about this “travel experience” syndrome.

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For starters, Canada is the 2nd largest country in size after Russia, at least that’s what we know from geography. So if I were consular at the Canadian visa section and I have an empty passport in front of me, and you do not have a solid reason for travel other than tourism, I’d wonder why you would want to visit such a big country on your first travel when you have other smaller countries as your neighbors where you haven’t even been to.

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The way to deal with this is obviously to visit any of the visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries nearby. There are numerous countries that offer that. So why don’t you explore that and have some visa stickers and immigration stamps in your passport? You can actually do 2 or 3 countries on one visit to save cost.

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