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Some UK Visitor Visas Approved To Work From January 2024

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The United Kingdom will introduce changes in its visa rules on January 31, allowing tourists visa holders to work with clients and work remotely whiles visiting the country.


The UK government has published an update to its immigration rules, thus permitting more activities on visitor visas. While confirming that the new changes will become effective from January 31, 2024, the updated rule bring several significant expansions to the activities permitted under the visitor visa


Client work eligibility

Holders of these visas can now engage in client work under specific conditions. This encompasses working in a company with branches both in the UK and abroad where client constitutes a minor aspect of their overseas job and is indispensable for a project or service by their employers UK branch



Work from the UK

Visitors are now permitted to work from the UK provided that remote work is not the primary reason for their visit.


Scientists, researchers and academics

Professionals in these fields can conduct research in the UK with the exception of academics applying or 12 months visit visa or extending permission from within the country



Expanded activities for lawyers

Lawyers on visitor visas can partake in additional activities in the UK including providing advice, acting as an expert witness, participating in arbitrations, legal proceedings and teaching

Paid engagements for teachers

Speakers visiting the UK with visitor visa will now be eligible to receive payments for their talks


Merger of Permitted paid Engagement PPE visitor route

This route will be integrated into the standard visitor route. Individuals engaged in paid activities will no longer necessitate a separate visa, but they must plan their activities within 30 days of arrival


The UK government will also explore further reforms to the business visa beginning January 2024

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