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Getting a US visa is a “do and die” affair. You have just one chance and approximately less than 10 minutes to decide your own fate. This is where all the knowledge and tips you have acquired come to play. Because hundreds of applicants go for US visa interviews in your home country each day, and most of the applicants are not genuine travelers, you need to put in more effort to convince the consulate officer that you’re a genuine traveler. Whilst travel experience may be an added advantage, U.S. consulates do not mind soo much if you do not have any travel experience. Forget about all those bank statements and other supporting documents, they are useless to the officer. The only important documents to the US consulates at this point are your reasons for travel. If it’s for tourism, your chances may be slim, especially if you do not have travel experience. If you are going to stay with someone or had an invitation from someone, be sure you know very well the status of your host. U.S. consulates value conferences and business meetings more than personal invitations. Tourism should be an added reason for travel and not the main reason for travel especially if you have no travel experience.

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    Is my dream that I want to stay at USA and I tried my best several times but I couldn’t make it, so I need help pls

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