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Nii Addo Quaynor” popularly known as ”Tinny” has always been a household name. ”I believe I can fly,” makola kwake, kaabu am3, etc…are some of his hit songs that quickly come to mind. He started rapping and singing at an early age during the early 90s. Tinny has entertained the Ghanaian populace over the years and is probably the first artise to rap in the Ghanaian language Ga, most likely what made him popular and unique amongst his peers. Tinny was granted an interview on HITZ fm’s day break hitz and the program was with mixed feelings as it did not start well as the makola kwakwe hitmaker refused to accept the fact that he had offended other media personalities in a previous interview on another media platform. Asked how he felt after a long absence in the music scene, Tinny boldly said ”I am an atriste, I can soak Pressure”. Noting how difficult it is to still stay relevant in the entertainment space especially after releasing hit songs in the past and being out of the limelight for a couple of years, it would be expected that the artiste (TINNY) would be pressured by fans to keep on being relevant as far as music is concerned, but TINNY said he could soak pressure and did not allow undue pressure by loved ones and fans. TINNY may be absolutely right as giving in to undue pressure could lead one to depression and other unpleasant health problems.

Author: Andy Pratt

Credit: Hitz FM, Standoutentgh

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