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UTV Showbiz Hits 27k Views With Mz Gee

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“I’m unique in my own style” – Mz Gee

The narrative was that the Empress, Nana Ama Mc Brown was the main cord of the station’s flagship weekend program (UTV Entertainment Late-night Show) hence most of the views resulted from the presence of the Actress.

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Most viewers were not so sure how the program or its viewership would fare after her departure. However, the opposite has proven true even with her departure and the several controversies that have resulted.

Mz Gee, who is more capable has also been able to garner followers and viewership for the program with her unique style of presenting and asking thought-provoking questions to get answers from guests in a very tactful but firm manner.

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Though many were also skeptical about whether she would fit the profile of an Akan-speaking presenter for the program as it were, she has lived and delivered beyond expectation.

Since she had more dominance in the English Language and most of her experiences have come from programs in that English, expectations were uncertain.

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As of now, all who had doubts about her capabilities have been proven wrong.


Source : KASAD3

Video credit : UTV

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