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“Nigel Gaise Knew John Kumah Was Sick” – Lilian Kumah

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Apostle Lilian Kumah of disciples of Christ Ministries and wife of the deceased Deputy finance minister, John Kumah has alleged that Prophet Nigel Gaise lied about her late husbands prophecy.



The prophet claimed that he had a vision about the minister concerning his life and tried reaching him severally but was unsuccessful.


The widow said Prophet Nigel was a close associate of the family hence he was preview to the health condition of the late minister back in 2023. He however took to the pulpit to give a prophecy about the matter he was very much aware of. As part of his 31st December ritual on prophecies concerning prominent members in the Ghanaian society, the prophet inadvertently prophesied about the death of the minister.


Though Nigel Gaise’s religious career has been fraught with controversies about pronouncements of doom and death of prominent Ghanaians in the past decade, he stays resolute in that path



The widow said “Nigel Gaisie knew very well that my husband was terminally ill as far back as August 2023, but regardless of that, he stood on his alter on December 31, 2023 to lie through his supposed prophecy that a Ghanaian deputy minister will die in the year 2024. What does he want to achieve through these fake prophecies?”


The Prophet has since been trending on Twitter with many users and commentators calling him a liar.

Source : Assase Radio

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