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Ferry: “All on booooaaaard, for a biiiiiig Adventure”. If you want adventure and are not in a hurry to see the island, then go for it. Things are a bit not too smooth with ferry transportation to and from the island and except for flights that you are sure to take off exactly the time on the internet, ferry departure and arrival times can be really frustrating. There could be delays for as long as 3 hours at the seaport, and if you don’t know this, you could be caught up in the cold at dawn at the seaport as early as 3:35am only for the vessel to arrive at 6:30 am (it happened to me)

Once you arrive at Athens international airport, you could take a taxi to Piraeus Port (Main Port of Athens)  and walk straight to any ferry ticketing vendor and ask what time the vessel is leaving for Santorini. Then you can make a purchase. It is best you buy a daytime ticket, you don’t want to get caught in the cold at night or at dawn waiting for a ferry. It would cost you 38 to 85 euros depending on whether you want a cabin so you could take some rest. You may have to spend one night in a hotel if your departure time is far. There are lots of hotels a few meters away from the Port. You could check for their ferry times and prices. Obviously, it would take much longer to get to the island on a ferry approximately 6-8 hours…yeap 6-8 hours…!!!.

Note: if you want some peace of mind, Just take a flight.


Andy Pratt


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