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Is Personality More Important than Content ?

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It has been lingering on my mind for about a week now…to write or not to write, is it even worth the time?

My decision to write was ultimately inspired by a Facebook post by a Ghanaian Scholar in Economics, a Political Risk Analyst and a Researcher at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland Dr Theo Acheampong seeking to appreciate Nana Ama Mc Brown’s influence in dominating the internet on her maiden show at Onua TV.

Do TV or Radio programs get views and attention based on the quality of content or the level of influence and popularity the host bears.?

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Well, since I mentioned Dr Theo Acheampong’s name, if he chances on this article, he’s definitely going to interrogate my research findings and data to back my claim. But hey, since this is not an academic paper, he should cut me some slack.



Some have argued that it may only be in Ghana that personalities have so much influence on a program, but in places like the BBC or Aljazeera, a program would have its respective audience and dominance irrespective of who the host is.


On the other hand, that argument can be shot down by the example of the Oprah Winfrey show. She has hosted the show for so many years and viewers fell in love with her and would be inclined to stay glued to the program because it’s Oprah hosting the show. Her influence actually runs the show

Most people in Ghana listen to the Citi FM breakfast show primarily because of some personalities like Benard Avle, it even gets more viewers when Samuel Atta-Mensah, also known as Sammens joins the discussion.



Others listen to Peace FM’s Kokrokoo political morning show because of Kwame Sefa Kai.

Those who love Entertainment shows listen to Hitz FM’s Daybreak hits entertainment show because of Andy Dosty.


Most listeners also tuned in to Pluzz Fm and Zylofon because of Sammy Flex.

Sports lovers who tune in to Peace Power Sports in the morning do so to listen to Dan Kwaku Yeboah.

A lot more viewers are now paying attention to GTV’s breakfast show because of its host Kafui Dey. The list can go on and on and on.

It may be seen that all these listed programs feature attractive personalities who garner attention, but the quality of their content cannot be overlooked either. However, if any of these presenters are swapped for less influential individuals, the attention and viewership may dwindle but could grow with time and consistency.



This has been proven so in the case of the maiden show of Nana Ama Mc Brown on Onua TV which attracted 12k views within a few minutes mainly as a result of her influence on followers in the Ghanaian community.

Others have suggested that UTV’s Entertainment show which hitherto was the center of attention suffered viewership whiles Onua TV gained a huge advantage

Mz Gee, an intelligent media professional has her own following as well. Maybe loyal viewers of the UTV late-night entertainment show would have to recalibrate their minds and develop affection for her as well. It may not be that bad, but we are now getting the awakening that personality may matter more than the content since Mc Brown’s sensational transfer to Onua TV



Viewers already loved Mz Gee and her submissions on the program. But they need to readjust and accept that she’s now the new queen on the block, ready to take over the United Airwaves.

There is nothing new under the sun. Every content takes inspiration from another. Contents may be similar in various ways. however, personalities are unique at all times. It would therefore be safe to say, content is important, but the host may be more important.


Source: Onua TV, 

Picture Credit :Radio Gold FM

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