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Applying For Visa To Attend A Conference

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Which conference should I choose to attend in order for my visa application to be successful?
Does it even matter which conference I decide to attend?

This article is meant for genuine travellers whose main intention is to travel overseas solely for the purpose of attending a conference.

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More often than not, the success of your visa application to attend a conference, if all documents check out, depends on the purpose and justification of the visit.

A visa applicant attending a conference should show proof of an existing conference and not a cooked or imaginary one. If you received the link or invitation to a conference from someone, kindly verify to ascertain its authenticity.

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Now, this is the main point : assuming I work as a Financial manager for KASAD3 which is a communications company and I’m attending a food processing conference in Germany, there is certainly no correlation. Simply put, it doesn’t make sense. What has Finance got to do with food processing any way?

It would make more sense to attend such a conference If I worked in a food processing company or the Agric ministry.

It would also make more sense if the conference I’m attending in Holland is about communications and i work  in a communications company or in the communications department.

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The conference should add value and enhance your skills afterwards. If it has absolutely nothing to do with your profession, it would most likely to seen as a conduit for migration.

All things being equal also, ensure the conference is easily verifiable, especially on the Internet.

Source : KASAD3

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