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Ghana Ambulance Allegedly For Sale In Dubai – Video

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Two gentlemen presumed to be of Ghanaian descent have allegedly spotted an Ambulance suspected to be from Ghana being sold in Dubai.

The ambulance seems to belong to the Radiology Department of a hospital in Ghana.

The video is circulating on social media and has gained a lot of attention.



The two men claimed they went car shopping from the garages in Dubai only to chance on the familiar Coat of Arms symbol, The Government of Ghana writings, and the World Bank inscriptions all on the vehicle.

They couldn’t help but take live videos to share on the internet. One of the men made movements and even touched parts and tire of the ambulance for viewers to be convinced that the video was not doctored, concocted, or edited to suit their propaganda.

In the coming few days, as the video keeps going viral, there may be new developments: questions, or answers as to how the said ambulance got to Dubai and allegedly being sold.


Source : KASAD3

Video Credit: Ghanaian Citizen TV

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