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Kobby Kyei – The Face Behind “SHINE SUMMIT”

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Augustus Koranteng Kyei, popularly known as Kobby Kyei is the founding editor of a well-established Ghanaian blogging website. He has gained prominence over the years for his outstanding success in carving a niche for himself in the local digital and media space.

The man who appears to be cool, calm, collected, unassuming, discreet and succinct in his speech has spoken on many occasions and on many platforms with the main objective of encouraging people and especially the youth from less privileged backgrounds.

Coming from a less privileged background himself, the blogger clearly identifies with the challenges of the young and vulnerable in society. He has been successful at working relentlessly thus getting recognition from the Ghanaian public and winning the hearts of many including the elite and diplomatic class in society. Some even refer to him as the “Elite Blogger”



In a bid to encourage and motivate the less privileged in society, the blogger said in a recent interview with the host of Adom FM’s drive time program Jerry Justice “That fact that you are from a poor background doesn’t mean that your back is on the ground”





The blogger believes by the instincts and wisdom of Socrates, no matter one’s background in life, the sky is certainly the limit. One does not need to be in a perpetual mental state of self-pity whiles wallowing in the quagmire of poverty and drenched in misery. He always takes the opportunity to advocate for greatness, positivity whiles making the best use of opportunities.

It could be seen that numerous blogs in Ghana focus mainly on entertainment, gossip and sometimes shot-lived and less impactful information that is mere sensation and fleeting in nature.

He has defied all odds and remained dedicated to the humanitarian course of uplifting and helping glow the hitherto dampened spirits of the less privileged.

At Every opportunity afforded him in the media space, he does not hesitate to highlight how important and beneficial it has been for him to be focused, and undeterred by the less impactful and ever oscillating blogging environment though tempting. He has kept his focus on the objectives he has set by distinguishing himself from “bubble gum” blogging.

In recent times, the blogger is attempting an ambitious project to host the Shine Summit. The summit aims at empowering the youth to build capabilities and harness the power of human potential through technology and digital innovation. Additionally, he aims to bring the youth together and assist in educating them on the positive purpose of innovation under the umbrella of technology, media and entrepreneurship, whiles creating opportunities through collaborations and investment.

With the advancement in technology and the world ever becoming a small global village, digital media and innovation as well as artificial intelligence cannot be overemphasized and the inculcation of same play a vital role on the road to success.

The theme of the summit is “The progressive portrayal of the media: Technology Transformation advancement, Brand sustainability.



Some of the renowned speakers that would feature at the summit are ace broadcaster and founder of Rabodef Tommy Forson, the radio presenter extraordinaire and MD for the EIB Network Nathaniel Kwabena Anokye Adisi also known as Bola Ray, Portia Solomon Gabor (Journalist of the Year at the 26th Ghana Journalists Awards organized by the Ghana Journalists Awards), Gifty Anti, gender advocate, experienced broadcaster and host of standpoint, Nana Ama Mc Brown, a Ghanaian actress, TV presenter and a music writer, Wode Maya, an internationally recognized YouTuber, Bernard Kafui Sokpo, an expert in brand strategy, design, innovation and brand experience, Anthony Dzamefe, CEO of Caveman watches, Futuristic Kwame, a Global Business Keynote Speaker.

The summit would be held on the 2nd of June 2022 at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel at 10 am prompt and promises to impart, inspire and invigorate the inexperienced and less privileged to finally recognize their potential and become assets to the society.


Source : KASAD3

Video Credit : Adom FM





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