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Unfair Criticism And Comparison

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Ever since Nana Ama Mc Brown moved from Despite Media to Media General and was replaced by Mz Gee, peace of mind has eluded both presenters.

However, the majority of the attacks have been directed at Mz Gee for reasons that I personally find very frivolous and mediocre, and empty.

Sometimes, when one has some level of knowledge and insight, it reduces the number of baseless, unnecessary and unfounded criticisms. And by this, I’m referring to those who are criticizing the TV host (Mz Gee) unfairly.


Most of her critics have centered their claims on the fact that she has no strong command over the Akan language. Is that really her fault? Others have based their claims on her minimal ability to dance in order to entertain viewers.

The nature of the program she hosts is such that musicians are regularly invited and more often perform some of their music while guests and panel members take to the dance floor. Most viewers find this segment very entertaining.

If all the claims about her abilities are true, that is if she really doesn’t have mastery over the Akan Language, or cannot dance and sing to entertain viewers, then the blame should be put on the doorstep of her employers and not the host. The employers who hired her knew her capabilities. She has been on the show multiple times. So, if her minimal abilities and that part of the segment were so important to her employers, I don’t think she would have been hired to host the show in the first place.

Mz Gee

The host has spent the majority of her journalism work predominantly in English Speaking establishments. Her last programs were in Multimedia and 3fm and these two are all out-and-out English-speaking establishments. If she has transcended swiftly beyond her abilities to host an Akan speaking program, I honestly think that shows versatility and a Plus instead of the negativity she constantly receives.


Mz Gee is a trained professional Journalist, and that exactly was what she was hired for. She is also very fluent in the English Language. She comes across as a strong-willed person and not a pushover. Mz Gee is well-arranged and can easily keep a mental outline of questioning. The journalist also comes across as one who is ready to handle her business without any embellishments.


Nana Ama Mc Brown

She is known as the Empress, the Oprah Winfrey of Ghana and now Terminator. She started her acting carrier from very humble beginnings. She’s the type of actress who can captivate her audience with her natural and unadulterated acting prowess



She has starred in countless number of movies and her success in the Ghanaian movie industry is unmatched. She is probably one of the few actors or actresses who could juggle between the Kumawood and Glam movie productions.

Most likely as a result of her natural ability in acting scenes predominantly in the Kumawood Productions, Nana Ama Mc Brown’s strength is her lively nature and good command over the Akan language. She could entertain her guests with active dancing and singing abilities


Unfair and Unnecessary Comparison

Comparing Nana Ama Mc Brown’s strengths to the weaknesses of Mz Gee is rather unfair and completely out of place.

It would also be unfair to compare the strengths of Mz Gee to the weaknesses of Nana Ama Mc Brown.

These are two successful individuals with different talents and skill sets.

It however appears as though the entertainment industry in Ghana is saturated with “some critics” who trumpet unnecessary noise and behave like hyenas lurking to pounce and tear up the flesh of others with some bloggers acting like vultures hovering in the sky waiting to fight for scrams of carcasses in the Serengeti.

Shall we just have some peace and quiet as we enjoy them both instead of pitching one against the other??? Arrrrggh…!!!


Source : KASAD3

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