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Ameyaw Debrah, Wode Maya, Jessica Opare Saforo (video message), Kwadwo Sheldon, Ken Agyapong Jr, Sweet Adjeley, Tatiana Haina, Incredible Zigi, Shark Boy, Tilly Akua Nipaa (moderator), Nas Daily (video message), Ismail Akwei (Ghana Web Editor-in-Chief), Ivy Prosper (Ghana Tourism Authority-Digital Media), etc all under one roof for the second edition of the Youtbe creators festival held in Accra. 


The event (Youtube Creators’ Festival) was organized by Entamoty Media Limited. Mr. Barima Amoaning Samuel, the CEO of the organization gave a warm and brief welcome address to the creators and presenters who attended the program.

It was a dream come true for many youtube creators as they came face to face with their youtube and social media icons. It may be called the “Youtube Creators festival” but it covered all forms of social and digital marketing expertise. Creators and writers alike who came with lots of questions and doubts about the social media profession and space found satisfying and reliable answers to their questions in one way or the other.

During a mini break when many of the guests had gone out of the auditorium…


Presentations from giant YouTubers and social media personalities kept on coming without ceasing. The program featured youtube food creators like Sweet Adjeley from the United States, and Tatiana Haina from Italy, youtube dancers like Incredible Zigi, to the ever-ranting and enthusiastic Kwadwo Sheldon, who gave a passionate and powerful presentation on how to navigate through the digital space successfully. Ghana web, arguably the most popular web-based go-to news hub for politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, etc represented by Ismail Akwei (Editor-in-Chief), made presentations on how bloggers and writers could get their stories and articles on the African web news portal for financial remuneration. The program also featured two experts stationed in Belgium who made presentations and were available to answer questions from YouTubers on how to monetize their YouTube channels effectively.

As to be expected from entertainment and content gurus, there was fun to be had at the event. Incredible Zigi and the other presenters took to the floor with ‘incredible’ dance moves to lighten up the mood. It’s rather unfortunate that Ameyaw Debrah, the ”father” of all bloggers and social media personalities does not have fantastic dance moves, and neither does Kwadwo Sheldon who won the award for youtube channel of the year 2022. Perhaps, dancing is not meant for everyone. Ameyaw Debrah advised creators to get down with business but be considerate, especially in charging huge sums for endorsement deals and any other engagements. He further stated the importance of building good relationships rather than focusing on being uncompromising in charging huge sums for work done. His popular phrase for the night was “be human with them ok”, ”be human”.

Oh, was Wode Maya the icing on the cake? absolutely !!!. Undoubtedly the most successful and most popular African YouTuber, Wode had lots of motivational and encouraging words for the creators. He kept emphasizing the point: “Be who you are and work hard at it. Don’t give up on whatever you’re doing, keep working hard and keep pushing. Do not be quick to flaunt your material possessions on the internet, it’s not necessary, just keep pushing, push and work hard.”
Wode Maya: Indeed an African gem!!!.


In conclusion, all the presenters agreed that there would never be an easy road to success. In order for one to succeed, hard work, dedication, seriousness, perseverance, and most importantly consistency is key to maintaining a successful digital media space.


Source : KASAD3.COM

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