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“I Don’t Go On Instagram After 9 pm”

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Perhaps this is the most revealing secret from a hardworking and successful artiste. If any artiste wants to find an effective way to deal with undue social media pressure and criticism, there you have it, from the newly crowned VGMA artiste of the year Black Sherif.

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It is not a secret that celebrities and popular personalities face a lot of criticism and sometimes unwarranted attacks from all kinds of people for no apparent reason. Some of the personalities have confessed to getting depressed over the years due to negative comments or pressure coming from the public.

Most of the attacks have come from social media applications. It is in this light that the host, Mz Gee asked the artiste of the year how he is able to manage the pressure from social media.

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His answer was indeed telling. One that no one anticipated. He said: “I don’t go on Instagram after 9 pm”. He added that he only uses his phone after 9 pm if he needs to contact his parents or close relatives.

He further added that anytime he reads any item on social media that indicates negativity, he would just close the app and shut the phone.

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It’s pretty obvious that the artiste does not in any way want to entertain any form of negativity that would dampen his spirit.

Source :UTV

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