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Dj Filter Hits Jackpot

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If anyone would benefit greatly from the massive transfer of Nana Ama Mc Brown from United Television to Onua TV, it definitely has to be this hardworking young DJ, Dj Filter.

Ok, many might not have heard of the name Dj filter, neither have I.

If this nice gentleman called Dj filter has been preparing and working hard and waiting to hit the jack pot…there he has it. I bet he is going to frame this picture and either put it in his living room or hang at his workplace.



He may also want to put that picture on all his social media pages because that picture is a huge endorsement from the Ghanaian superstar. It should be a golden goose for him.

A superstar who could pull 27 thousand live viewers for her maiden show is no small feet.

Dj Filter to brace himself, people are now going to look him out on the internet and start assessing his performance in order to book him for shows and programs.

Source : KASAD3

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