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The intention of the visa interview is to see the applicant in person and ascertain his/her claim of being a genuine traveler. One effective way is to confirm the information on the application the applicant has presented.

Prepare well for the interview in order to answer the questions well.: straightforward affirmative answers. The more you talk, the less credible you look. It’s good to wear a nice face but avoid being overly friendly with the consular or smiling unnecessarily. It only suggests you want a favor from the consular and try to take his attention off your documents and the interview. Get all documents ready and wait for your turn. Keep all documents safe and handy in order to show them to the consular as soon as you’re asked of them. Don’t be found wanting wasting time looking for documents. Consular have no time and you have no room for mistakes. Your documents may not even be looked at. The majority of documents presented for visa applications are fake. But keep them handy anyway.

Answer questions well: 99.99%, the first question you will be asked is “what is the purpose of your travel” ?. The answer you give should be exactly what is on your application. Your interview may last not more than 10 minutes. Remember, you are not a special person, and your case is not a special case. You would be treated like any other applicant. So prepare your answers well. Your answers to questions should be fort right. If you unduly delay in answering the questions, it may indicate you’re trying to lie or you have no idea what you are doing. How on earth do you want to travel thousands of miles to a foreign land and not know what you’re about?…it simply means you’re not a genuine traveler. Give straightforward answers. Do not talk too much. The more you talk, the most likely you may commit a blunder. Avoid statements like “I do business” when asked about what you do for a living. Say exactly what you do. If you sell clothes, say so, If you sell shoes at the market, say so. Don’t assume the consular may not understand your work, they probably know more about your country than you do. It’s their job. And they have an idea how much you earn per the job you do…SO DON’T EVEN TRY TO LIE!!!

Look what you say you are. If you said on your application that you’re a doctor, look like one. Of course, you would look stupid with a lab coat and a piece of stethoscope around your neck. But look presentable like a doctor. A shirt and tie would do for a doctor, an administrator, a lab tech, or a teacher. For a banker or an accountant, a white shirt, a tie, and a blue suit will not look bad. This is your chance, don’t ruin it, you have just one shot. Do not look clumsy and disorganized, look sharp, serious, and ready for business. Do not be fidgeting while you wait your turn.

Note: Keep mentioning in your interview a couple of times: your work, your family, or your business. It’s a big clue to the consulate officer that you cherish what you have at home hence you would return.


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