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A very popular name on the lips of many in Ghana especially the youth, she may as well be the ”queen of TikTok” around this time. Known for her different dance moves and sometimes to promote new Ghanaian songs, Hajia Bintu seems lately to be venturing into professional acting on our screens after her visit to Nigeria which may be profitable for her. Known only for dancing on-screen on the popular social media app ”TikTok”, she has been able to gather thousands of followers without saying a word.


Hajia Bintu has taken it a step further by traveling to Nigeria and meeting the likes of music producer superstar ”Don Jazzy” and featuring in a skit with ”Mr macaroni”. In the new skit just released, Hajia played the role of a scammer who ended up defrauding ”Mr macaroni”. Hajia Bintu may not like to talk much and she doesn’t need to even say a word in her videos, but her acting game was on point in the skit with Mr macaroni. Her unassuming demeanor and voice did an excellent job on screen.  Has she found another talent about herself she can harness? Whiles the majority of the Ghanaian populace have come against the tik toker as someone without any raw talent, her recent role in the ”Mr macaroni” short skit proves that Hajia Bintu can actually play the role of an innocent young lady in any award-winning movie, will she take the opportunity and kick start a professional career in acting?

Author: Andy Pratt

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