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Dear Bola Ray and Socrate Safo, I know how busy the two of you are and the impact you have on the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry. I also understand how insignificant I am to warrant your attention. However, there is something I would like to bring to your attention. Acknowledging your tight schedules and how difficult it would be to find any of you, I have decided to put these in words hoping to catch your attention through a good samaritan or by some miraculous means.

My letter follows a recent news article I read and a viral video I watched about you (Bola Ray) accompanying Shatta Wale to apologize to Ebony condoms for a no-show at the 2022 Hogbetsotso festival. I do not want to go into the Hogbetsotso saga. Shatta stated in the viral Facebook video that you (Bola Ray) are his “godfather” and that you always come through for him to calm things down to settle matters. So, it gives me an idea of how much he cherishes you.

I also cast my mind back to an interview Shatta Wale granted Sammy Flex back in Pluz FM years ago. With about five or six entertainment analysts and journalists in the studio during the interview, it appeared you (Socrate Safo) were the only one who could speak to and reach the heart of Shatta Wale to calm down. I also remember very well how Shatta referred to you (Socrate) as daddy during that particular interview. In most of your punditry work, I notice the excruciating pain you are subjected to anytime the light is thrown on the negativity of the “Dancehall King”, which he may have caused himself. I appreciate your tenderness towards the artiste (Shatta Wale).

Though there may be other people who could play this role, with these references, I believe, deep within me by the instincts and wisdom of Socrates (Greek Philosopher) that you two are in the best position to give your “god-son” good guidance.

I know his die-hard fans may come after me and question the motive behind this letter and perhaps with verbal attacks if they chance upon this piece, but I know the two of you and your associates will not condescend to that level but find this constructive and informative.

Kindly sit him down, “open his brains” and let it sink down to him that Ghanaians and Africans love him regardless. He’s arguably the most talented artiste the continent has produced in the last decade. He writes his own songs and sometimes produces his own beats. He’s an excellent performer and never seems to run out of ideas and hit songs. He’s made the dancehall genre more sustainable on the continent. Most of us who are not in the limelight admire his talent so much and wonder if there’s ever going to be another talent like that in many years to come.

However, once he’s a superstar, criticism both positive and negative would greet him practically every morning at his doorstep. This is something he does not seem to perceive. Make him understand that no one has ever died of criticism. When people like Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, Tilly Akua Anipa, and Andy Dosty just to name a few criticize him, it is for his own good, though not palatable. After all, these individuals would not squander airtime talking about “a nobody”. Neither would I waste precious time writing such a lengthy letter to both of you if he weren’t significant. Please let him understand he’s our biggest music export and hence would always be talked about.

He should think through thoroughly before taking action, instead of taking on the spare-of-moment decisions, that he would regret and later making an instant outburst of emotional apology like the one he did for Ebony condoms. If he has really regretted and means the apology, then I guess he has more apologies to render to all those he has offended with the least or no provocation.

When asked to apologize to those he offended by Captain smart and a section of Ghanaians, Shatta made it categorically clear that he was right and would not render any apology. Well, that didn’t last. It’s only a fool who doesn’t change his mind, so if he finally changed his mind well, then that’s good news and good to know. To err is human.

But on a positive note, it appears he’s turning on a new leaf thus perhaps securing a slot in the upcoming Afrochella and seeing the need to apologize to Ebony condoms making the CEO of the company consider a huge offer for the artiste, one that he may not be able to reject. Maybe work is already in progress. But I’m sure this letter would reinforce the fact that you two have more to do to ensure the artise’s consistency, stability, and novelty.

Granted, there may be other people he listens to, but at this point, to the ordinary radio listener and internet surfer, it appears you two “Entertainment Power Houses” (Mr. Nathan Kwabena Adisi, aka Bola Ray and Socrate Safo) are the ones he listens to. It would be sad for our arguably biggest music export to be seen as the enigma of Ghana Music.

Yours faithfully,
Andy Pratt

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