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Enock Darko shot to stardom when he came 2nd runner-up in TV 3’s reality show – Talented kids back in 2011. Enock proved worthy of the position of 2nd runner up and viewers and admirers of the reality program have not been disappointed at all as Enock has stood up to the occasion. He has proven to be a force to reckon with with his natural acting abilities. Considering the low patronage of the “Kumawood” movie industry in the past few years, Enock ventured into the Nigerian market with his acting wits. Since his entrance into “Nollywood”, the actor has become a major contender for virtually any role in the Nigerian film industry. Users of the social media platform ”facebook” and ”youtube” can testify to the fact that the Talented actor has released various comedy skits and previews of his already-shot movies and upcoming movie projects.

His new movie entitled ”Kwaku the hustler”, released in August 2022, depicts the life of a young man who migrates from Ghana to Nigeria and tries to earn a living while facing numerous challenges. Though some have confused him for a Nigerian, Enock, in almost all his movies identifies himself as a Ghanaian and regularly fuses some Ghanaian jargon and antics in every role he plays. Such a proud Ghanaian!

The versatility of the actor is noteworthy. He can play different roles in movies as an adult, as a child, as a woman, and as a security officer. Though many actors and actresses from Ghana have been able to break into the Nigerian movie industry, what makes Enock stand out is his consistency, in that, he has been able to fuse himself soo much into their industry and culture that he has won the hearts of many Nigerians.

Perhaps the producers and gatekeepers in the Ghanaian movie industry should pay some attention to “this gem” before he gets stolen by foreign movie producers. He has starred in various movies along with Osita Iheme, popularly known as pawpaw, Francis Odega, Destiny Etiko, Okanayo O. Okanayo,   Patience Ozorkwor, etc. Measuring how fast Enock has made progress in Nollywood, it would not be surprising to see him in high-profile Hollywood movies. 

Author: Andy Pratt

Photo  Credit: Mentor photography

Source :PeaceFM

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