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Ever since Shatta Wale issued a stern warning and threatened Kwadwo Sheldon on social media either about using his music, content or even mentioning his name on his “yawa of the day” show, the youtuber decided to keep mute about any content of the Dancehall King hitmaker…

Oh… did Kwadwo Sheldon really keep Shatta’s name out of his mouth?…..ummm…..not exactly.

The successful youtuber just cant seem to stay out of Shatta’s lane. But this time around, instead of mentioning his name, he uses a word like “opana” to describe the artiste just to spite him.

In the wake of Shatta’s new album called “MAALI”, the youtuber had made several disparaging comments indirectly about how in his opinion, the album is not doing well on the music market.

Contrary to his claim though, some Ghanaian DJs have claimed its a new album which has massive potential and that the said album contains some beautifully composed songs.

Shatta as we know him to be would not turn a deaf ear to Kwadwo Sheldon’s taunts. He has certainly released a tweet on his twitter page seemingly directing his thoughts to the successful youtuber and most likely also to Andy Dosty of HitzFM whom he also had scores to settle with.

The coming days and weeks will prove to be interesting as evidence from social media shows how Kwadwo Sheldon formerly praised Shatta Wale for his musical prowess.

Photo credit : Dj Joe Cue

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