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Hitz FM’s ”Daybreak Hitz’’ Entertainment show on the 28th of July 2022, featured Kumchacha hosted by Andy Dosty. Did the interview live up to expectations? Absolutely!!! If you have listened to any of the former’s interviews, you would notice none goes without controversies. Amongst the controversies on Thursday 28th July were, temptations from the opposite sex the prophet faced, fracas with Afia Schwarzenegger, AMA’s decision to streamline religious activities (preaching and shouting) on the streets of the capital, and possible taxation, elaboration on the book of Proverbs, and his opinion on the controversial National Cathedral.

The one that caught my attention was what many described as the obvious misapplication of the book of proverbs and the graphical description of his encounter with a wealthy and beautiful woman at Tema who requested prayer to be said on her behalf by the prophet. One could tell from the text messages read by the host that most listeners were relieved at the point when the prophet became a bit too graphical with the description of his encounter with the said woman. The host (Andy Dosty) carefully and jokingly interrupted and stopped him from the further graphical description. While some found it laughable and called the prophet a practical and genuine person, others thought his actions and utterances on the show were ridiculous.

Especially worrying was his elaboration of the book of proverbs and his threat in the past to physically assault a female colleague in the entertainment space (Afia Schwarzenegger). Quizzed further as to why he would want to physically assault a female, the prophet pointed to self-defense. The host was not buying his self-defense excuse and even at a point asked him (Prophet Kumchacha) to withdraw the threat of beating the female colleague, but the Prophet didn’t badge. Knowing the self-will of Prophet Kumchacha, getting a withdrawal and a possible apology from him would be almost impossible, hence the host gave up but showed his disagreement and displeasure several times before the interview ended.

Author: Andy Pratt

Credit: Hitz Fm

Photo credit: Hitz Fm

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