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Delay’s show is one that does not go without any controversy. The ace broadcaster, Deloris Frimpong Manso popular known as Delay has the skill of probing further to either get the right answers or get to the core of the individual being interviewed.

Hajia Bintu was the one in the hot seat this time around. And I must say, she made a lot of headlines in many entertainment blogs.

The interview started on a very bright and positive note. The actress spoke about how her life began through school, moving to Accra, working as a waitress in the capital city.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment, to a two-bedroom house and currently to a three-bedroom house at Ajiringanor (East Legon). She really looked excited to be on the show. The Tik Tok super star answered questions very well with all confidence up until Delay got a bit personal with family life. That was when Hajia broke down emotional and almost got teary.

Apparently, she had lived with her grandmother (her father’s mother) for some time but had never set eyes on her biological father. She had heard of him but had never seen him or his pictures and had absolutely no idea how he even looked like before. She couldn’t even tell whether her father was alive or not.

It was really sad and difficult watching a young lady on live TV speak so emotionally about not having any knowledge of how her father even looked like. She at a point requested for the subject of her father be changed, but no way would the presenter allow to pass.

Many are the opinions that have been expressed about the actress and her lifestyle but none can deny that she is talented and has come a really long way.

Source: The Delay Show


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