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Nana Romeo, a radio presenter based in Accra disclosed in an interview with Stacey Amoateng how his then close friend, confidant and almost a brother Prophet Nigel Gaisie allegedly snatched his girlfriend years back.

Nana Romeo in an attempt to answer a question posed to him by the presenter as to what event in his life he felt so much regret about, Nana Romeo called out the prophet in an emotional expose. He accused the Prophet of trying to snatch his supportive girlfriend.

Nana Romeo explained further how his former girlfriend had been of great help to him in so many ways. The material benefits he received from the said lady included a rented apartment, a car to drive around, and some other financial benefits.

He described his bond with the prophet as a special one, hence it baffled him and still baffles him how things took such a bad turn.

The relationship eventually fell on rocks after the alleged Nigel betrayal. He lost his enviable friendship with Nigel, and he also lost his supportive girlfriend.

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