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There are few actresses who are able to make it to the limelight in the Ghanaian movie industry. Out of the few who make it to the top, very few work harder to maintain the spot. Out of the few who are able to maintain the top spot, very few manage to become untouchable. Jackie Appiah, undoubtedly one of Ghana’s most beautiful and talented actresses and definitely an untouchable refused to make a submission on her opinion concerning one’s sexual orientation..

The beautiful actress was a guest on UTV’s United Showbiz program on 1st April 2023. When asked of her opinion on the LGBTQ+ community, Jackie Appiah jokingly but  discretely avoided getting into trouble with issues concerning the highly sensitive issue.

The  much debated topic which resurfaces in Ghana every now and then resurfaced once more when the American Vice President Kamala Harris visited Ghana. On the United Showbiz entertainment live TV show where the ravishing Ghanaian actress was a guest, Mz Gee, the host inquired to get the opinion of the super actress on the issue.

She stated clearly in the Ghanaian language Twi which translates in English “I’m minding my business, provoking laughter from all the guests and and crew.

Most of her admirers have applauded the actress for her comments noting that it was good for her to play safe with such sensitive issues in order not to needlessly offend other people.


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