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Anytime Shatta Wale makes a public statement, especially to the youths he initially sounds controversial but almost always gives a clue to them on how to work hard to earn a living.

The SM boss who hustled his way to the top through extreme hard work and dedication is not always happy when some of the youths do not want to work hard but want to have all of life’s good things.

He has constantly stressed how hard work and dedication pay. Hence, he was certainly not delighted when the celebrities lookalikes emerged and started granting interviews and making social media videos while performing their songs.

Shatta gave them a stern warning never to talk back at medical particularly when medical made statement and one of the lookalikes made an emotional appeal to medical on social media.

He further urged them to find their paths and carve a niche for themselves where they could make earns meet instead of profiting from the hard work of others.

The SM boss further mentioned names like Jacklin Mensah, Made in Ghana, Wesly, and others who create contents on tik tok. Shatta urged them to study these ones, learn clues in order to find something authentic to do instead of reaping where they did not sow.


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