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“The biggest talent an artiste can have is to listen” – Bullgod

Bullgod had to be restrained on Hitz FM’s Daybreak entertainment show by listing the particular reasons artistes do not last long in the music trade. He however mentioned an artiste like Feli Nuna who only lasted for a year in the music industry and under the management of FUSE ODG, a UK-based singer, music producer and entrepreneur.

The conversation centred on the new signee of FUSE ODG “leftizzle” during an interview when his song “kiki”, an impressive piece with FUSE ODG was being played in the background.

FUSE ODG showered a lot of praise and had lots of admiration for the new artiste under his management.

The music producer added that his new signee is one who can write his own songs as well as for others and with minimum or no supervision when left in the studio within the shortest possible time, could get done with his own music.

Bulldog who then jumped in to give some advice to the artiste and others listening to the program did not mince words but said “The biggest talent an artiste can have is to listen”. He explained further that he had lost respect for talents, instead he now concentrates more on character and the ability for an artiste to listen.

Bullgod continued by saying, he had little respect for talent now, because, to him, an artiste who has so much talent but does not listen would definitely not go far in his/her endeavour.


Source : Hitz FM

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