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Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Blows His Cover

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It is surprising that many entertainment followers do not know that Arnold Asamoah Baidoo is a Civil Aviation Safety Inspector at the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority in Kotoka International Airport.


Apart from his normal entertainment punditry, which most people know Arnold for, he also has a regular job at the Kotoka International Airport. And this, many have expressed shock over.


As part of the duties of Aviation Safety Inspectors globally, they review all procedures, equipment, and systems on an aircraft to ensure it meets federal safety regulations. They examine flight logs and maintenance records to verify all required checks have been performed and investigate accidents and complaints to determine causes.


Arnold disclosed in an interview with Dela on the “Delay’s Show” posted on YouTube on 3rd September 2021 that his office here in Ghana issues licenses for pilots, cabin crewmembers and all whose work pertains to the operations of an aircraft both inside and outside.


The majority of people who saw him exit the aircraft after his normal inspection routine expressed shock as to how humble and unassuming he is despite having such an enviable and lucrative career.


Source : Delay Show

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