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Details Of Black Sheriff’s Arrest

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The case has to do with an alleged contractual breach between himself and another party (Cruise People LTD) over the performance at an event on a cruise ship in Greece involving an initial payment of 20,000 USD.



The total amount is estimated to be 40,000 USD of which an initial deposit of 20,000 USD was paid to the artiste with a promise to film a short video to be played on one of multimedia’s stations to assure the public of the singer’s willingness to perform on the cruise ship.


After the failure to produce the video and the artiste remaining unresponsive to phone calls and messages for a considerable amount of time, a formal complaint was made to the Ghana Police Service for further assistance.


Hence, he was picked up at the Kotoka International Airport by the Ghana Police Service to assist in further investigations


Source : Cruise People LTD

Picture : GH Hyper

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