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13 Ghanaians Embark On Historic 10,000Km Journey

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“A road trip in the countryside as you may know makes for a great day out. But my next guest has taken it further, much much further” – BBC.



About 13 Ghanaians are embarking on a 10,000km journey from Accra, Ghana to London on the road.




The group is made up of middle-aged well-established thrill-seeking persons who have named themselves Wanderlust Ghana. This group of friends enjoy travelling on the road and have done so throughout Ghana and some parts of West Africa.


This time they have decided to take it a notch higher to aim at travelling from Accra to London all on the road, which has been reported both by the BBC and DW TV.


The initial plan was to embark on the journey in 2020 but was unfortunately disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic



The group was however relentless in their efforts and decided to hit the road in July 2023.


As of August 04 2023, the team had reached Monaco and headed for France, Italy, Germany, and then finally to London.

The main aim of the journey is to raise funds to build primary schools for deprived rural communities in Ghana with their foundation called




Ebenezer Saka Addo Mensah, an entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Travel enthusiast and CEO of SakaHomes spoke to Peace FM and later spoke to the BBC about their journey.

Kwabena Peprah, another member of the group also spoke to the BBC in an interview on 5th August 2023 and disclosed that the group had reached Monaco and gave further details of their planned activities when they get to their final destination – London

The story has gained much attention and it’s likely to garner even more  in the coming few days as the group continue to make tremendous progress to the final destination.


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Credit : BBC, DWTV





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