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Why Visit Morocco ?

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There seem to be a lot of prejudice surrounding Morocco as a tourist destination.

Most travelers and potential travelers quickly dismiss the idea of visiting Morocco giving imaginary or non-existent reasons for the lack of interest in the beautiful African country.




They quickly say “I would rather visit Europe than Morocco”.



Well for starters, Morocco shares a border with Spain, and you can actually see Spain from some parts of Morocco.

The Canary Islands which is a Spanish territory for instance is nearer to Morocco and for that matter, Africa than it is to Spain. Hence parts of Spain are actually in Morocco. So, visiting Morocco may probably be like visiting Spain.


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Besides, travelling for most people is more often  about the ease of acquiring visas. Europe is refusing lots of visas lately, and no one knows what’s going on in their Embassies.

Moroccan Embassies are very friendly, honest and straightforward. They tell you all you require for a visa. They do not dribble applicants and use hidden and sometimes nonexistent technicalities to surprise applicants with a “convenient and unreasonable” excuse for visa refusal.


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You do not need an invitation, all you need is their application form, hotel booking, ticket reservation, birth certificate, travel insurance and visa application fee which is a little below 20 USD, Yeap…!!!…Oh, plus their visas take a maximum of 5 working days and you get 3 months duration.

Save yourself some stress. Add Morocco to your bucket list.

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