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The Ghanaian Dancehall artiste (Shatta Wale) we know never gives up. The SM boss has shown severally over the years that he is as resilient and determined at succeeding in anything he touches as anything. An artiste who presumably records 10 songs daily is someone who means business.

After a super successful musical career, Shatta wale decided to venture into new fields to explore other avenues of income. In fact, Shatta has always maintained that the main motivating factor behind such an enterprise is to support and provide jobs for the youths, his fan base and contribute his quota to the Ghanaian economy. Almost every follower and admirer of the artiste can testify to the mutual affection shared between himself and his “die hard” fans mostly who are predominantly the youth.

Since the launch of the (Shaxi) ride hailing service in Ghana, there has been some concerns about the growth of the service mainly due to the inaccessibility and unavailability of the service. Most customers who wanted to patronize the service claimed it was not available even in the most likely of places.

There were concerns about the success or otherwise of the service considering the pomp and pageantry that accompanied the outdooring ceremony of Shaxi. This even led to an altercation between the Shaxi boss and Kwadwo Sheldon (A Ghanaian blogger and youtuber) due a a comment made by the latter which was considered unfavorable in the opinion of the SM boss.

Shatta has however recently re-activated the ride hailing business with some celebrity endorsements with the likes of Sammy Baah Flex, Dr. Likee, Papa Kumasi, Wayoosi etc. A similar activation which included AMG – Medikal, Fela Makafui and some members of Medikal’s crew was held barely months ago.

The SM boss seems to know exactly what he and his entire Shaxi crew and management are up to concerning the success of the service. So does he know the buttons to push to ensure the Shaxi ride hailing business becomes the number one service not only in Ghana, but also in West Africa and subsequently Africa.


Andy Pratt


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