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Let Us Not Conclude And Judge Hajia 4Real

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In a heated exchange between UTV panel members over the extraditing case of Ghanaian socialite Hajia 4 Real, A Plus, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, Amanda Gissi, Mr. Logic and Bullgod vehemently shared their opposing views that resulted in a total split of the panel.

The discussion was ignited by A Plus’s comments on social media about certain questionable lifestyles that put undue pressure on the youth.

“Mo daadaa young girls no saa,” he wrote in the Twi language meaning “you have been deceiving the young girls all this while. Nonsense!”

A plus continued:

“My ladies, don’t ever look down on yourself. Don’t live by the standards of people who don’t know where they go when they sleep. Don’t let anyone give you pressure. You may not be rich, but you see how you are drosslessly stretching peacefully in your bed right now; and the police is not looking for you? Abi your boyfriend gives you early morning gbozaaa!! Haaard one!”

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo who always appears to be very objective made it clear that per the American law and in all fairness, the Ghanaian socialite is innocent until proven guilty. He went further and cited an example as far back as 2006 concerning the case of the late singer Daasebre Gyamena.

Arnold gave a chronological account of the infamous drug case of the Ghanian Highlife singer Daasebre Gyamena back in 2006. The Highlife singer was charged with drug trafficking by UK law enforcement but was later freed by the same law enforcement agencies. In that instance, Arnold recalled receiving lots of unfavourable comments and backlash from some Ghanaians because of his objectivity in the case of Daasebre Gyamena from an article he wrote that was published in Ghana Web.
A plus who was glued to his gun did not seem to badge, neither did he want to change or soften his stands on the matter.

A plus finally branded Arnold and Amanda as Hypocrites.

Mr. Logic who had been quiet throughout the conversation did not hesitate to call the other panel members (Arnold and Amanda) hypocrites as well. He said so because in his opinion, these members were unjustly defending Hajia 4Real instead of speaking and condemning her arrest

But Arnold and Amanda remained unperturbed but continued urging listeners to support and hope for the best for the 30-year-old Ghanaian public figure until proven guilty by the competent American justice system.

Source : KASAD3

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