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Ghanaian Comedian Stumbles on “Gold mine”

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Ghana has a vibrant comedy and entertainment industry, with several talented skit makers and content creators.

Sdkele who burst into the scene and acted in skits with both of his parents was such a delight to watch. He gradually carved a niche of sampling various delicious delicacies from different restaurants within and outside of the capital Accra.

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In one of his regular routines of skit making or content creating, knowingly or unknowingly the comedian in an attempt to mimic and make a mockery of how South African recording artistes compose and record their songs, stumbled on something of immense value.



The song- “cameraman” that was merely part of his routine skit making has gained a lot of recognition and  being played at parties, restaurants, and nightclubs.



The song hasn’t even been mastered or refined, neither does it have an accompanying music video. But the amount of attention and conversation it has generated is mind-boggling.

The comedian should brace himself because he might just be about to rake in a lot of money from his song “Cameraman”.


Source: herma

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  2. […] READ ALSO : Ghanaian Comedian Stumbles On “Gold Mine” […]

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