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Dr. Ike Tandoh Wades Into “I’m Not Yvonne Nelson” – VIDEO

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” I don’t think that the motive was to paint somebody as a devil in the book”

Ever since the release of Yvonne Nelson’s book “I am not Yvonne Nelson” the entertainment industry has been flooded with varying opinions as to whether it was even necessary to mention names in the book, give vivid details or even mention the account of her mother.

The conversation has not only dominated Entertainment discussions, it has also been discussed in sports and even some political debates.

Some predicted that the conversation and controversy surrounding the book would last in the Ghanaian media space for a period not less that 2 weeks, and these predictions have proven right as the debate still lingers on

Dr. Ike Tandoh, a lecturer at Unimac-GIJ, Brand Communications Expert, and the author of the popular Ghanaian novel “mama is gone” has given his opinion on how their brands would be affected in the future.

Being a communications scholar, he took the debate from the Public Relations perspective and offered his professional and candid opinion on the controversial issue.



Source :TV3

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