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Embassy and consulate officers are well-trained professionals and they’re very much aware of the role they play. The consulate officer is not a customer service representative who is paid to smile, and neither is he/she a shopkeeper. So do not expect a smile or ”being nice” from them. Besides the point of being very well-trained professionals, they are also very much aware of the fact that they may become ”susceptible” to potential visa applicants who intend to lie and present fake documents.

You’re more ready and likely to lie to consulate officers when they become nice to you, and they are more vulnerable to believing your lies and believing your ”fake” documents are genuine. Their job is to differentiate between genuine and non-genuine travelers which can sometimes be very difficult. They are not there to show you sympathy or do you any favors They’re representing their governments and protecting their countries. Wearing a stern-looking face would make you think twice about lying. If you are fortunate to get a smile from a consulate officer, good for you…!!!. But do not expect one.

Writer: Andy Pratt
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