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It was exciting on the 30th of July 2022 as the UNITED SHOWBIZ program hosted Ex Doe, Tic, and Akatekyie, all pioneers of the Hip Life genre music in Ghana. These artistes toiled the length and breadth of the country with their talents in music which ‘’paved the way’’ for the new generation to be more successful and get paid locally and internationally for their hard work. Tic in particular was very excited that Ghanaian artistes can now easily get booked for shows in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and other parts of Europe. If you lived in the 1990s, you are most likely very familiar with terms like; mifaaro, Philomena kpiting3, Ex Doe ma ba, Daavi Medekuku, etc. These artistes brought a lot of joy to Ghanaians with their songs and electrifying performances on stage. Any doubting Thomas’ would have their doubts cleared after the live performances of their old songs on Saturday night on the United Showbiz on UTV. Whiles ‘’tic tac’’ now ‘’tic’’ held international recognition in the 90s and even to the point of headlining big events in Nigeria such as Nigerian Independence Day, Ex Doe held the whole country down with his prolific rap. No show would run without an Ex Doe song. It was exciting listening to rap songs from Ex-Doe, and one could easily sing or rap along his lines.

Oh boy, how could we forget mifaaro, ghana mmaa, agoo, etc all from the ”Akatakyie brothers’’? How Ghanaian fans miss their never-disappointing choruses. School-going children loved to buy newspapers and check the correct lyrics to their songs and sing along when they played.

It would be so satisfying to see them on stage with their mind-blowing performances

Andy Pratt
Writer, Blogger

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