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“No University Graduate Should Be Unemployed” – Hon Sam Okudzeto

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Speaking at the Annual Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (E-jobs4All) Summit at JACCD Design Institute Africa organized by the DDQIC, the astute Lawyer, Senior Partner at Sam Okudzeto and Associates and member of the Council of State of Ghana, Hon Sam Okudzeto espoused that it is unacceptable for a Ghanaian graduate to be unemployed.


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In elaborating on the point, the member of the Council of State reiterated that Ghana is blessed with lots of natural resources that can be explored by the budding youths of the country in various ways. Hence it would be a shame for any Ghanaian youth who is a graduate to trumpet the cliché of being an “unemployed graduate”.

He stated that every society has problems and “every problem is an avenue for innovation”.

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The astute lawyer mentioned one avenue that can be exploited by the youth. He emphasized the significance of Agriculture and irrigation, saying that young people with youthful exuberance should not despise farming but rather embrace it and make a living from it.

“Farming can be a hobby for you”, he said passionately to the youth present.

He cited Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, who left School to pursue his dream of creating software out of a simple hobby, in an effort to inspire and encourage young people to pursue farming.


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According to Hon Sam Okudzeto, “All universities in Ghana should make it compulsory for students to study entrepreneurship”. He further stated that no University in Ghana, whether private or public should award degrees to students who do not pass the entrepreneurship course.

His final words on the mandatory entrepreneurship course for university students were:

“This would ensure that the issue of the country consistently having unemployed graduates would be curtailed”.

Source : Daily Graphic

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