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Ghana and Nigeria Tour Operators’ Conference in South Africa

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Ghana and Nigeria share a lot of things in common. Notably among them is sports, trade, food, music, politics etc. These two countries have been spoken of as though they were cousins or brothers. There has been lots of alliances formed between the two West African countries and the tourism sector this time around has also got its quota of the consorting.

For the first time ever, the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) and the Tour Operators’ Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) have collaborated for their maiden conference on the travel and tour industry to brainstorm on how to leverage on facilitating travel, especially within the African territories.


The conference which begins on the 4th of May 2023 till 11th of May 2023 at the University of Johannesburg would feature seasoned speakers and participants from South Africa, The South African Business Community, other relevant personalities, experienced travel agents and travel agencies from the host country, Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Mrs Alisa Osei-Asamoah, current president of the Tour Operators Union in Ghana expressed immense gratitude to her Nigerian counterpart Mrs Susan Akporiaye who also the president of The National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies for extending such a kind gesture in collaborating for the event. They both gave a warm welcome address on video in anticipation of what promises to be a very fruitful engagement between South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and other West African countries.



There are numerous exploits that accompany attending this maiden conference. The opportunity to meet with business leaders in South Africa tourism private sectors, establish linkages with Government and Industry Associations (SATSA, ASATA, SITE), product development, training certification and the icing on the cake: benefit from attending the Africa travel indaba which incidentally coincides with the NANTA and TOUGHA conference 2023.

Participants will also benefit from various tour trips around the city and ultimately, a fun-filled road trip from Johannesburg to Durban with some form of music and entertainment

With the already favorable outcome  seen from the maiden edition of the conference, it is without doubt that the next episode would see more participants from across Africa

Touring the city of Johannesburg

















































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